Planning Financial Freedom


We are a full-service financial firm that provides access to comprehensive financial planning services through LPL Financial. Our clients include successful executives, professionals, business owners and, particularly, retirees. Integrated Financial Group has offices located in McDonough, Fayetteville and Atlanta for our client convenience.

Wealth management, financial planning, life planning, insurance and risk planning, business planning, wealth management . . . you may recognize these as just a few of the words that financial services firms throw about, but what do they all really mean, and what do these firms really do for you?

The advisors at Integrated Financial Group provide all of these and more, but the most valuable service we offer clients is our commitment to focus on learning about and understanding your specific, personal financial goals. We then work closely with you to ensure that your plans stay on track and on target as you work toward the retirement you want and deserve. We know that the key to that future is planning your financial freedom!


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