Planning Financial Freedom

Investment Philosophy

My associates asked me to pen a few words for this page of our website to convey to our visitors who we are and what we do at Integrated Financial Partners. While rarely writing "a few" words, I will attempt to condense our firm's philosophy to a couple short paragraphs.

The first thing I tell clients is that we are a conservative financial practice, meaning that we seek sound methodologies to make decisions and manage assets in our clients' best interests. I believe strongly that the gifts we receive in this world are merely tools to accomplish greater things. I also believe that we have a responsibility to shepherd our wealth in a way that is prudent and practical. The world of financial planning is not an exact science. We examine and probe to arrive at prudent recommendations. While there are no guarantees, and history is no assurance of future trends, there is nothing like experience to teach us not only what we should consider doing, but just as importantly, what we should consider avoiding.

We have succeeded as a firm and individually because we have the tools to assist our valued clients in managing their assets and making decisions that can make a difference in the quality of life that they and their descendants will enjoy. We are here because we like making a difference. Financial planning can be elusive and confusing for many not in the industry, and even for some who are! Our goal is to assist you in understanding, and relating to, the choices you have available to you. Perhaps you are worried about running out of money, or are concerned with "gifting," or maybe you just want to spend more time with your family than you do looking at your check book. In any case, we invite you to visit with us and learn more about what Planning Financial Freedom can mean for you.

Pat Hinchey