Planning Financial Freedom

Integrated Financial Group

Integrated Financial Partners is a member firm of Integrated Financial Group, Inc., a consortium of independent financial advisors. This affiliation provides you with the benefits of working with an independent LPL financial advisor without giving up the resources of a large organization.

"After a lifetime of  learning to strive for independence, We have learned that success is really about an interdependence on relationships in which it is virtually impossible to determine who gave or who received more."

- Pat Hinchey


Independence Through Interdependence for Clients

 As experienced LPL financial planners, we know that today’s sophisticated clients need truly independent counsel and advice on their financial matters. What we’ve come to learn over the years, though, is that independence is only part of the equation to effectively serving clients. Only through a thoughtful and deliberate interdependence with other highly skilled financial professionals can advisors hope to fully meet their clients’ expectations, wants and needs. Whether working with CPAs, attorneys, estate planners, benefit specialists or any of numerous kinds of professional counsel, a key to successfully and thoroughly addressing clients’ financial goals is to build lasting, effective relationships with a qualified team of professionals.

 Integrated Financial Partners and LPL Financial are not affiliated with any outside professional or their service. 

 Leveraging a Nationwide Consortium of Professionals

 Integrated Financial Partners is a proud member of the Integrated Financial Group, a national consortium of independent financial planners. Integrated Financial Group is one of the largest independent financial planning consortiums in the country. Each advisor member in the consortium independently owns his or her own financial planning practice, each with its own style and its own special area of planning knowledge and skill. Integrated Financial Group distinguishes itself in that our clients have access to both their individual advisor and the specialized knowledge and wisdom of the entire consortium – a concept that we call our “brain trust.” Thus, clients benefit from the intellectual brainpower of a solid core of experienced financial planners who can deliver practical, customized and personal financial strategies for their long-term financial planning needs.

 A Personal, Professional and Lasting Commitment

 Integrated Financial Partners serves all clients according to the principals of:


  • Integrity – We vow to always do what is best for our clients, and promise to share “the good, the bad and the ugly” about every recommendation.
  • Competence – We will carefully and thoughtfully approach our work, our planning, our analysis and our continuing education.
  • Prudent Judgment – We emphasize quality and diversification in client portfolios, employing academically reviewed strategies, and will evaluate our decisions and recommendations based on “good ol’ common sense.”
  • Service – We strive to anticipate each client’s needs, deliver more than we promise, and know our clients to be real people with families, needs and desires.
  • Value – We will provide professional, quality advice and service at a fair price, drawing on the skills and knowledge of other professionals to ensure an integrated financial plan for each client.
  • Mutual Respect – Relationships are fostered by maintaining confidentiality, always doing what is right for the client, and informing a client if, in our professional judgment, they have requested something that is not in their best interest.
  • FPA Code of Ethics – We will always abide by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) code of ethics.