Planning Financial Freedom

Our Process

Financial Planning is as much of an art as a science, and we at Integrated Financial Partners appreciate that no two clients are alike. A considerable amount of time is dedicated to getting to know our prospective clients from the very outset. Our objective is to provide the very best advice for each client so that we can establish long term, rather than transactional, relationships.

  • Initially, we conduct a "Fact Finding" meeting where we do more listening than talking. Getting clients to express their expectations and concerns is more than reviewing account statements, however, this meeting will include reviewing financial and legal documents 
    to help you prioritize short, mid and long-term goals and objectives.
  • Next, we create a "Financial Profile." Behind the scenes, we thoughtfully 
    evaluate and analyze your situation in the following areas as appropriate: Emergency Funds, Cash Flow; Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Wealth Accumulation, Asset Allocation, Wealth Distribution, and Income and Estate Taxation, and Long-Term Care Insurance.
  • In the second meeting, we present our findings and ideas, both written and orally, at a level which is easy to understand. In this step we often begin an interactive "What If" process of evaluating various scenarios with sophisticated analytical tools. By the conclusion of this meeting, the core parameters for plan design will have been established.
  • When the plan document is presented, we meet to discuss specific and targeted recommendations and strategies. At this point, we have critically evaluated a variety of tools and strategies that would be suitable for the specific objectives. We understand that nothing is perfect and there is always the potential downside to consider. Our job is to make sure our clients understand the costs and benefits of any decision that will affect not only their lifestyle, but possibly that of their heirs.

Only at the completion of this process can the implementation process begin.